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PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2006 7:37 pm 
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For several years I was spending oogles of money fighting acne. A year ago I was made aware that most acne is caused by a face mite called Demodex, so I ordered some zz and did a face test to see if my acne was caused by parasites. It was, so I bought a six month supply of ZZ and began to kill the parasites infecting my face.

The first two weeks was horrible. My face was red, crusty, and covered with thousands of white heads. When the majority of the white heads cleared, I continued to have numerous breakouts, mostly around my mouth and on my cheeks for another 7 months. Finally my whole face finally cleared and I didn't have a single pimple. At that point, it was my understanding that I could switch to using ZZ 2-3 times/week instead of daily. So I switched to every other day. It wasn't enough for me. Every other day I had a pimple. It also seemed like I would get one every time somebody hugged me. Apparently demodex can hop from one person to another. For the next five months, I used it once a day for preventive maintenence.


I had an aunt to who lived to be 90 years old. The day she died, the skin on her face did not look a day over 40. When I was a kid, I noticed Pond's cold cream on her dresser. In my 20's, I was having acne problems on my chin, and decided to try Pond's cold cream because it worked well for Aunty. When I put some on my chin, dozens of whiteheads broke out. I presumed it was an allergic to Pond's cold cream, and never tried it again, until recently.

I read somewhere that vasoline will kill head lice by suffocating them. It occurred to me that maybe the Pond's Cold Cream was killing my face mites, and that is why it caused me to have so many white heads. I reasoned that if the ZZ had killed the face mites, I should now be able to use Pond's Cold Cream without breaking out, and decided to test this hypothesis.

I actually bought Walgreen's brand cold cream because it had the same ingredients as Pond's, and it was cheaper. I also purchased Pond's hydrating fluid to use after the cold cream. I cleaned my face with the cold cream and then applied Pond's hydrating fluid. No breakout. I have been using the cold cream and the hydrating fluid for almost two weeks now and I've only had two tiny whiteheads. My face looks better than it has in years. The hydrating fluid seems to have minimized the fine lines around my eyes, and the cold cream seems to be keeping the mites off my face.

Maybe if I had started using Pond's cold cream when I was a kid, I never would have gotten Demodex. It seems to be a very inexpensive and less drying way to keep them from coming back.

I was very worried that ZZ was going to deepen my wrinkles and make me look old, but I persisted, because I'd wrather have wrinkles than bugs on my face. I am fifty one and the wrinkles have been setting in. My face got much dryer using ZZ. This was not good at my age. And XMFL was way too expensive for me. My face was so dry that I would go through an entire jar of it in five days. I soaked it up like a sponge.

The bottom line is ZZ worked. It got rid of my acne and I am very greatful. My face looks better than it has since I was a kid. And I think I've discovered an inexpensive way to prevent them from coming back.


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